300 Pound Deer Wrecks Philly Home

Police say a 300-pound deer broke into a home in Northeast Philadelphia.

A home invader broke into a house in Northeast Philadelphia. But it turns out it wasn’t the kind of intruder that the homeowner or police expected.

Ron Philipose tells NBC10 he received a call from police over the weekend saying there may have been a burglary at his home on the 1600 block of Welsh Road. Police told Philipose they had gotten a report stating there was glass breaking inside the house.

Philipose, who was with his wife and 2-week-old son at a Doctor’s appointment at the time, agreed to meet with police.

As Philipose and several police officers arrived at his home, officers say they spotted blood on the couch and wall. They drew their guns and asked Philipose to leave for his own safety. The officers then searched the inside of the home which was in shambles, with blood and broken glass everywhere. When they arrived in a backroom they found the intruder; a 300 pound deer that had somehow gotten into the house, breaking a fence and a window in the process.  Police say there was even glass inside the baby’s crib and changing table.

The officers locked the deer in the room and contacted Pennsylvania Fish and Wildlife who came to the property an hour and a half later. The officers tried to get the deer out of the home but were unable to. They were eventually forced to euthanize the animal.

Philipose tells NBC10 he believes his personal property insurance should be able to cover the damage.

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