3 Released After Questioning in Elderly Woman's Throat Slashing Murder

Three people questioned by Philadelphia homicide detectives about the throat-slashing murder of an 85-year-old elderly woman have been released as the investigation continues, sources tell NBC10.

Sources said the persons of interest were coooperative after being taken into custody Thursday afternoon.

They were asked about the death of Regina Brunner. The woman was found dead in her bedroom by her son on Monday. She had been severely beaten and her throat slashed, police said. Her car and wallet were stolen.

The car, a silver Toyota Corolla, was located Tuesday and dusted for fingerprints. The sedan was returned to Brunner's driveway Friday -- fingerprint dust still visible on the outside. A source said the car changed hands at least once while missing. The woman's debit card was used at an ATM at least twice on Sunday, according to sources.

Homicide unit Capt. James Clark told NBC10 Thursday night that detectives were "making significant progress" in the case.

Investigators raided a home on the 6600 block of Bouvier Street Thursday and recovered a laptop which sources say is a major piece of evidence.

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