3 Pedestrians Hit Within Minutes

Three men were hit by cars Thursday night at a Lakewood intersection.

Three pedestrians were injured, one critically, after they were struck by vehicles within minutes of each other at the same Ocean County intersection.

Charles Carter and a friend were struck by a car while trying to cross Cedar Bridge and Arlington Avenues in Lakewood, an intersection neighbors told NBC10 is dangerous.

It happened around 7 p.m. Thursday. Minutes later a third man, Gregory Borras, was hit at the same intersection.

The intersection has been the scene of other accidents involving pedestrians, including fatal collisions. Police say too often, drivers go faster than the speed limit and people on foot jay-walk.

Investigators believe Borras was not using a cross-walk when he was hit.

Carter and his friend were released from the hospital, Borras is in critical condition.

The two drivers involved in the accidents were not hurt. Police have not filed any charges and tell NBC10 they're still investigating.

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