Three-Alarm Fire Engulfs West Philadelphia Apartments

Roughly 100 people were displaced after fire tore through a West Philadelphia apartment building just outside University City. The fire reached three alarms before firefighters got it under control.

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Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Firefighters managed to contain the flames to one building of the six-building complex.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Firefighters battle a blaze at the Netherlands apartment building, at 4300 Chestnut Street in West Philadelphia, early Sunday, June 12, 2016.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
The blaze reached three alarms and forced about 100 people out of the building before firefighters got it under control about 6:15 a.m.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said despite hot conditions, heavy smoke and a partial collapse, no injuries were reported.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Smoke fills the West Philadelphia block just outside University City where the Netherlands apartment building burned early Sunday.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Flames pour from the top of the Netherlands apartment building in West Philadelphia during a three-alarm fire.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Firefighters responded to the fire at 43rd and Chestnut streets at 4:49 a.m.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
A firefighter opens a hydrant at the scene of the fire at 43rd and Chestnut streets.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
The Red Cross has set up a reception center for those displaced by the fire at Penn-Alexander School, at 42nd and Spruce streets.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel gets ready to address the media at the scene of a three-alarm fire at 43rd and Chestnut streets.
Kristen Catalanotto / NBC10
Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel tells reporters no one was injured in the fire. "This was one of the most incredible fire stops I've ever seen," he said.
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