2nd Teen Pleads Guilty to Subway Murder

Almost a year and a half since Starbucks manager Sean Patrick Conroy was jumped and killed in a subway station in Center City, a second teen admitted his role in the attack.

Arthur Alston, now 18, pled guilty yesterday to third-degree murder and conspiracy charges before Common Pleas Judge, Jeffrey Minehart, according to the Daily News. He will be sentenced on September 18.

Of the five charged, Alston is the second teen to admit to jumping Conroy at 2:30 p.m. on March 26, 2008. Rasheem Bell, now 17, pled guilty in February to same charges and will be sentenced on September 21.

“It’s about time that he stood up and accepted responsibility for what he did,” Sean's mother, Sharon, said after the guilty plea.

Alston told police after his arrest that he was the first one to hit Conroy and that he didn’t mean to kill him. Conroy later died because of a fatal asthma attack due to the assault, the Daily News said.

On that fateful day, Alston, Bell and the three other teens, Ameer Best, 18, Nashir Fisher, 17, and Kinta Stanton, 17, left Simon Gratz High School early and went to The Gallery at Market East before heading downtown to get Stanton phone’s fixed.

Annoyed that they had to go downtown, they decided to jump the next person they saw.

And just like that a 38-year-old man is dead.

Jury selection for the trials of Bell, Best and Staton will begin on August 13.

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