‘Justice for Bubba': Cat Shot, Killed; $2,500 Reward Offered

Sarah Ashworth knew that Bubba was going to be her cat when she helped deliver him a little over a year ago. Her friend, who owned a pregnant cat, didn’t know what to do with the kitten, but Ashworth had already decided he was hers.

"She just instinctively knew, 'This is going to be my cat,'" Ashworth’s mom, Kelly Ashworth, said.

Since that day, the Ashworths have raised Bubba, dressed him up for Halloween, given him a stocking at Christmas time, taught him how to play fetch, and watched him jump on the family’s trampoline in the backyard.

But their worlds turned upside down on Sept. 14 when Bubba, an indoor and outdoor cat, went outside for the last time. Kelly Ashworth says she was coming home when she saw her neighbors lined up on both sides of the street. She immediately knew something was wrong.

“Bubba was laying by the curb” Kelly Ashworth explained, “He was scared to death.” She knew he was injured.

Neighbors told Kelly Ashworth they thought Bubba was hit by a car, so she rushed him to the vet. Doctors and nurses tended to Bubba immediately, desperately trying to save the cat’s life, but Bubba did not pull through.

It was then that the vet told Kelly Ashworth Bubba wasn’t hit by a car – he was shot.

“There was a bullet in his x-ray,” Kelly Ashworth said, devastated.

Since that day, the Ashworths have done everything they can to find out what happened to Bubba.

His story has broken hearts throughout their community.

Cindy Kelly, Director of Communications and Development of the Bucks County SPCA says their organization initially offered a $500 reward in Bubba’s case. The next day, an anonymous community member vouched to give an additional $2,000 for any information leading to a conviction in Bubba’s case, making the reward total $2,500.

“We just want justice for Bubba,” Kelly Ashworth said.

The Warminster Police Department is currently investigating Bubba’s death. Anybody with information should call the Bucks County SPCA at 215-794-7425, or contact the Warminster Police Department. The Ashworth family has also since set up a GoFundMe to help with vet costs.

As the Ashworths wait for information, they are thankful for their time with Bubba, a kitty who had taught himself how to retrieve his own treats from the container.

“He was just a quirky cat,” Sarah Ashworth said. “He was really just the funniest cat.”

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