$20K in Copper Stolen From Vacant Warehouse

Police are on the hunt for the thief or thieves who stole thousands of dollars-worth of copper from a vacant warehouse in Philly.

A man, who investigators did not identify, told police that a warehouse on the 7700 block of Edmund Street, which his company was hired to manage, had been burglarized several times over the past few weeks.

The first burglary occurred back on May 14, according to officials. Police say employees noticed the glass block window was broken out of the north side of the 212,000-foot warehouse. They then discovered that copper pipes were taken from the restrooms and other areas of the building’s interior. The window was boarded up and secured but investigators say the employees did not file a police report.

On May 15, police say the window which had been boarded up was once again broken into and more copper wiring was removed.

Finally, on Tuesday around 8:30 a.m., employees noticed that the doors to the warehouse’s electric supply room had been forced open. They then discovered that the generators had been stripped of all interior copper.

Officials with the company that owns the warehouse say the thieves stole around $20,000 in copper and caused about $700,000 in damage.

If you have any information on the thefts, please call Philadelphia Police.

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