Profiles in Excellence: Lehigh Valley Academy's Robert Evans

Robert was Student Council President for his entire high school career at Lehigh Valley Academy

Robert Evans is a 2013 graduate of Lehigh Valley Academy where he served as Student Council President for grades 9 through 12. He also served as an Ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars.

Robert is President and Founder of Aspiring Surgeons of America, which is an organization dedicated to mentoring students pursuing medical careers. He also designed and created his own website,, to accommodate members including students and physicians nationwide.

Robert was selected as a recipient for a full IB exam scholarship at Lehigh Valley Academy based on his academic excellence. He is a member of the National Honor Society. Robert’s personal commitment to academic achievement is demonstrated by consistently maintaining over a 4.0 GPA for grades 9 through 12.

Outside of school, Robert enjoys volunteering at Lehigh Valley Hospital. Last summer he was selected as a future leader by Lehigh Valley Hospital and selected for a scholarship for the Dale Carnegie Generation. This summer he is serving as a Dale Carnegie Graduate Assistant.

Robert will be attending Lehigh University and will major in Behavioral Neuroscience with a track in pre-medical studies. He is interested in attending medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and attaining a PhD. Robert is pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon.

Here is the speech Robert gave to the graduating Class of 2013:

First of all, I would like to welcome the friends and family of the highly
accomplished graduating class of 2013 and thank them for all of the support they have provided to the students of this class, making the significant accomplishment of graduation possible.

This year I had the wonderful opportunity and honor of being able to serve my fellow classmates as the Student Council President for the high school. Through the experiences I have gained by serving in this position for the past school year, I have learned a great deal about myself, my teachers, and most importantly my friends.

For some of us, it may be difficult to leave familiar faces that we have been around and known since early middle school, while others may be overly eager about the possibility of meeting many new people and experiencing exciting opportunities in college. However, I know one thing is certain, we all hold a very special bond here at LVA.

We have all been through the stress and anxiety of completing the D.P. program. Through the good times and the bad we were always there for each other. This graduating class of LVA is especially unique and memorable in the sense that we have all been through the same exact high school experiences and curriculum and have arrived at this moment.

We are some of the only students in the entire country who can relate to and appreciate all of the hard work that the past two years of the D.P. program has demanded from us. In many ways, our graduating class is very similar to a family, as they are both small, but extremely unified.

For a graduating high school class, this is a very important aspect that we are fortunate to have.

As we proudly close this chapter of our lives and eagerly begin the next, our duty as a graduating class, that we have to remember, is that regardless of where we came from and where we are going, we will always hold each other in a place close and dear to our hearts, just like a family would.

Because we are family.

Congratulations class of 2013. Let us be vigilant in the pursuit of the future while also being mindful of the past.

Thank you.

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