Toddler Survives 3-Story Fall

NBC Philadelphia talks with the family of the toddler who fell out of a third-floor window of his home

A 2-year old boy is lucky to be alive, after plunging out of a third-floor window at his Reading, Pa., home.

Surveillance video caught 2-year-old Alvin Aviles' frightening fall Thursday in the 400 block of North 9th Street, but the actual footage of the boy bouncing onto the ground is too graphic to show.

"I think it's a miracle, you know? For his age he's not that strong," the boy's father, Victor Aviles, told NBC Philadelphia.

An awning on the second floor of the home broke Alvin's fall.  His mother was in another room cleaning, and his father had only turned away for a moment.

"I was just going crazy running down the stairs, trying to get there as fast as I can to see if I can catch him," Victor Aviles said.

Miraculously, Alvin only suffered a fractured collar bone. One witness, neighbor Cythia Ortega, told NBC Philadelphia that at first the boy would not wake up and then he opened his eyes and told his mother, "I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese."

Firefighters at the scene said that had the awning not broken the toddler's fall, the outcome would have been worse.

"I think that's why he came out like this, cause there was an angel with him," his father told NBC Philadelphia.

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