Fundraising Page Created for Young Delaware Girl Accidentally Shot by Dad

When his 2-gauge shotgun was stolen, a husband and father of three replaced the gun with a .40 caliber handgun he got from a friend.

Joseph Jenkins returned home with the handgun in the early hours of Aug. 30th, and did not realize the gun was loaded when he was showing his wife how to use it, according to delawareonline.com.

As he was showing his wife how it worked, a bullet was fired and shot their youngest daughter, Victoria Lynn, in the leg. The bullet traveled up her leg and lodged in her hip.

“It was a moment of complete silence and then just chaos,” said Heather, Victoria Lynn’s mother, to Delaware Online.

Victoria Lynn is expected to make a full recovery. Since she requires full-time care, her mother Heather cannot work. With her father being in prison and no income flow, Heather set up a Go Fund Me account.

“Life in a single parent household is never easy, and is complicated further by having a parent in prison, but with the injuries caused by Tori Lynn’s father and the ramifications from these injuries, this family has been both emotionally and financially devastated,” Heather wrote on the page.

Heather says she believes Victoria Lynn’s recovery is a sign from God that she is meant to do great things, but they need the help to get her there.

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