Cooper University Hospital

Car Slams Into Home, Causing Collapse

2 people in the car were hurt when a portion of the home collapsed around them

Crews spent the early morning hours of Tuesday tearing down what remained of an abandoned South Jersey home after a car slammed into it overnight leaving two people hospitalized.

The out-of-control car slammed into the home at Linden and N 10th Streets in Camden around 10:45 p.m. Monday, causing the house to collapse.

Two people -- a man and a woman -- inside the vehicle were trapped as a portion of the row house collapsed around them. Rescue crews managed to eventually pull them free and rushed the victims to Cooper University Hospital in critical condition.

Once the scene was secured, large demolition equipment was brought in to take down the badly-damaged building. Throughout the overnight hours front-end loaders and shovels were used to raze the structure and clear debris from the intersection.

Investigators said speed could have factored in the wreck.

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