2 Teen Boys Missing in Neshaminy Creek

There is still no sign of two teen boys who went missing in Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County late Tuesday night.

The boys have been identified as 18-year-old Dan Tadrzynski and 18-year-old Perry Krewson.

Recovery efforts will resume this morning.

Tadrzynski, Krewson along with a friend were swimming in the creek Tuesday night near the Neshaminy Falls train station, according to Bucks County Public Safety Director Fred Harran. Harran says the teens began to struggle against the current.

"We have swift water rescue people on the water now and we're doing everything we can to continue our search," Harran said. "Still water is dangerous in these creeks, but raging water is especially dangerous. You just shouldn’t go in, nothing good can come from that."

Investigators say the teens were swimming near the train station when they got swept by the current.  One teenager made it out of the creek and was treated at the scene for minor exhaustion. The teen told police he never saw Tadrzynski and Krewson get out of the creek however.

The two teens were reported missing around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

One first responder says that the creeks often become swollen after heavy rain hits the area like it did Monday night, making the waters difficult to swim in.

Neshaminy Creek runs through several municipalities. While swimming is prohibited in certain areas, like in the area surrounding Neshaminy State Park, Harran said people should use good judgement to determine when its safe to swim in the creek.

"We don't patrol the creek and it runs through all of these different municipalities. So, people have to have some commons sense. When you see the creek that high, you just don't go in it," Harran said.

"There are no state laws that say you can't swim these creeks. At some point, common sense has to prevail."

Both Krewson and Tadrzynski graduated from Bensalem High School last spring. Krewson was headed to basic training in South Carolina in the next few weeks as a marine recruit, according to his family.

In 2011, a 23-year-old Kensington man drowned while swimming in the Neshaminy Creek with five friends.

Rescue crews ended their search Wednesday night. The search will resume Thursday morning.

"Our concentration is going to be the waterways," said Bensalem Police Sergeant Andy Aninsman. "That's where we believe the teens are at this point, somewhere within the waterway. It's tragic. It's a shame."

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