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2 killed in crash on Broad St. in Hunting Park

Police are investigating after two people were killed in a fiery crash that happened at the intersection of Broad Street and Hunting Park Ave. in the city's Hunting Park neighborhood early Tuesday

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The burned out husk of a vehicle sat for hours at the intersection of East Hunting Park Avenue and Broad Street in Philadelphia's Hunting Park section, early Tuesday, after a fiery crash killed two people, police said.

According to law enforcement officials, the incident happened just before 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday when a Mercury Milan traveling southbound on Broad Street collided head-on with a blue Toyota RAV 4 that was headed northbound.

The impact, police said, caused one driver to be ejected from their vehicle before it burst into flames.

Officials said the 46-year-old driver of the RAV 4 was pronounced when officers arrived on the scene and the other driver was pronounced at the scene by first responders at about 1:51 a.m.

Terrell Mason, who witnessed the incident, told NBC10 that the incident was so chaotic, he wasn't sure who was at fault for the crash.

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"The intersection looks like total devastation," he said. "You can't even like picture who hit who or what car came this way. You can't even look. Like, you'll have to look at one of the cameras on one of the businesses just to find out how the accident happened because you can't tell right now."

The drivers of both vehicles, police said, were killed in the crash and were pronounced at the scene.

Officials said an investigation into this incident is ongoing.

This is a breaking news story. It will be updated as new information becomes available.

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