2 Gunmen Run Around Minivan Shooting at Each Other in Chester City, Pennsylvania, Video Shows

Surveillance video was released by police showing the close-range gun battle

A wild, close-range shootout on a street in Chester City Friday morning was caught on a surveillance camera and the video was released by police hoping the public will help identify one of the gunmen.

Schoolchildren could be seen running for cover as the gun battle erupted between two men just before 8 a.m. 

The video shows that the gunfire began near 10th and Parker streets as one man, apparently carrying breakfast in a plastic bag, walks down the middle of the street and sees another man.

The morning rush-hour shooting is the latest brazen shootout in the troubled Delaware County city about 10 miles south of Philadelphia. After Chester High School's dismissal Thursday afternoon, two teenagers were shot while walking on West Eighth Street when an unidentified gunman opened fire.

In the gun battle caught on video, the shooting occurred just a block from Columbus Elementary School and two blocks from the high school.

The breakfast-carrying gunman is allegedly Haneef Payne, police said in releasing the video Friday afternoon.

The other gunman is not yet identified, police said.

The suspect allegedly identified as Payne is the first to begin shooting when he sees the second gunman walking on the sidewalk. The ensuing gunfire shatters the front window and side windows of a minivan parked on the street.

Both gunmen can be seen ducking and shooting as they pursue each other around the vehicle. After several bullets are exchanged, the suspect alleged to be Payne knocks over a newspaper box and runs away, the video shows.

It is unclear if either of the men struck each other with bullets.

If anyone can identify the unidentified suspect, they are asked to contact Chester Detective Victor Heness at 610-447-8429 or

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