2 Former Philly Officers Charged in Shooting Death

An argument over a stolen pizza prompted the shooting, according to the District Attorney's Office

The District Attorney's Office announced Friday that two former Philadelphia Police officers are facing charges in the shooting death of a teenage boy.

Chauncey Ellison Sr, 39, is charged with voluntary manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person, possession of an instrument of crime and conspiracy charges.

Robin Fortune, 44, who was Ellison's girlfriend at the time of the shooting, is charged with conspiracy and recklessly endangering another person.

Both Ellison and Fortune were off-duty Philadelphia Police officers at the time of the shooting. They were fired in 2010.

According to a Friday release issued by the D.A.'s office, the shooting started over an argument over a stolen pizza. Authorities say on November 17, 2008, Ellison's 14-year-old son and Fortune's 14-year-old son told them that a teenage boy stole their pizza. The group allegedly went looking for the teen robber and found him in front of 19-year-old Lawrence Allen's house. Authorities say Allen, who wasn't involved at all with the robbery, tried to diffuse the situation. 

Officials say Fortune began screaming at Ellison, calling him names and asking if he was “going to let them do this to your son," according to the D.A.'s office, who said Ellison shot Lawrence Allen once and severed his spinal cord. Allen lived as a paraplegic for over a year until he died in February 2009.


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