Lehigh U Students Hospitalized, Arrested After Rave

Police say some students were high on ecstasy and other drugs

Police say nearly two dozen students were rushed to the hospital following a Saturday night rave party held on the campus at Lehigh University.

Some students were using ecstasy and other drugs at the sold-out party at the Rauch Fieldhouse, according to police.

Half a dozen students were arrested.

"It was high energy, a lot of people excited by the music and artwork on stage," one student told NBC10.

Other students say it wasn't that fun at all.

"I didn’t think it was that great, I wasn’t rolling on ecstacy so It wasn’t as fun for me as it was for everyone else," said Freshman Haley Miller.

A university spokesman estimates 4,200 students attended the event called DayGlow, which calls itself the world's largest "paint party", mixing techno music with laser lights and cannons that douse the crowd with paint.

The school says it regularly leases out university venues for outside events.

Just three months ago, 15 people were hospitalized for overdosing on various drugs during a DayGlow party in New York, reports the Morning Call.

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