2 Arrested in Center City Assault, Robbery

Police have arrested two suspects in a brutal Center City assault and robbery Saturday.

Police charged 27-year-old Matthew Morris of the 300 block of Springhill Avenue and 32-year-old Miguel Maldonado of the 4800 block of D Street with robbery, aggravated assault and related offenses. 

The pair allegedly attacked 36-year-old Nick Forte from behind as he was walking along the 200 block of South Camac Street in Washington Square on Nov. 10. 

The victim was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground after one of the suspects punched him in the back of the head, according to police. One of the suspects continued to punch Forte in the face while he lay unconscious. The pair allegedly stole his wallet, cell phone and a gold necklace with a diamond.

Forte told PhillyGay News that he remained unconscious on the ground until about 3:30 a.m. when a passerby discovered him.  The unknown woman transported Forte to his parents' house in her own car after she was unable to obtain additional assistance or hail a cab driver willing to take him to a hospital, he said. 

Both of Forte's eye sockets and cheek bones were broken, along with his nose and a rib, the PhillyGay News reports.  "They did a real number on me," he said. 

The aggravated assault was the second in the vicinity in the span of four days. A 29-year-old woman was beat, robbed and raped on the 1200 block of St. James Street around 11 p.m. on Nov. 14. 

She was leaving Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar on S. 12th Street to feed a parking meter when an unidentified man assaulted her.

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