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2 Men, Woman Charged in 7-Eleven Murder

Mohammed Rafique Ullah was pronounced dead at a Newark, Delaware 7-Eleven.



    2 Men, Woman Charged in 7-Eleven Murder
    Delaware State Police
    Andre D. Palmer-25 of Fairburn, GA (photo, white tank top) Vincent Stallings-21 of Wilmington, DE (photo attached, no shirt) Vanisha D. Carson-25 of New Castle, DE (female, black shirt)

    Police have arrested and charged three people in connection with the robbery of a Delaware 7-Eleven and the shooting death of the clerk on duty.

    Surveillance video led police to identifying the supects, Andre Palmer, 25, Vincent Stallings, 21, and Vanisha Carson, 25.

    Investigators say Palmer and Stallings stormed a 7-Eleven on Four Seasons Highway around 12:40 a.m. on Wednesday. They say the armed men demanded money from the store's clerk, Mohammed Rafique Ullah, 48.

    The victim give the men the money, but as they were walking out, one of the men fired a shot, striking Ullah in the chest and killing him, according to police.

    Ullah was pronounced dead on the scene.

    The trio fled the scene in a black Ford Taurus driven by Carson.

    After indentifying the suspects, police were able to connect them to an attempted robbery of the I-95 Service Plaza that occured around 9:35 p.m. Tuesday in addition to the 7-Eleven incident.

    All three were arrested and charged with robbery, attempted robbery and murder.