Wanted Teen Returns Home After Seeing Mom Cry on NBC10

Initially teenager ran after accidentally shooting his friend, but returned home after seeing how upset his mom was on TV, police say

Police say that a 17-year-old boy they were searching for in connection with what appears to be an accidental shooting returned home after seeing his mother crying on NBC 10's 11 a.m. newscast.

The teen, who NBC 10 isn't identifying because he hasn't been charged, turned himself in to Northeast Detectives to discuss what went on inside the living room of the boy's Nicetown home.

The shooting occured on the 3900 block of Elser Street. Police say the teen and three of his friends were in the living room when the gun went off, striking one of the boys in the head.

The 17-year-old, according to police, was holding the gun when it went off. The 16-year-old victim is in critical condition at Temple Hospital.

The teen's mother says she was in bed when she heard the gun fire. She tells NBC 10 that she rushed downstairs and saw her son's friend shot.

She says the boys were looking at her husband's gun, which is registered. She also says it accidentally went off in her son's hands.

"I'm happy that the two other friends were here and went to the police station and tell the police that this was an accident," the boy's mother said.

She says her son took off because he was scared.

Police issued an arrest warrant for the boy for aggravated assault after he ran. They do believe the shooting was accidental.

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