17-Year-Old Rapper Tata Chapo Killed in SW Philly

What to Know

  • A 17-year-old rapper from Southwest Philadelphia known as Tata Chapo was slain Friday night.
  • Police have not made any arrests in the shooting, which shook his neighbors.
  • The rapper's mother had graduated from nursing school on the same day that her son was killed.

A 17-year-old rapper from Southwest Philly known as Tata Chapo was killed Friday night, and police are searching for whoever shot him.

The rapper, whose name was Tauhid Collins, was gunned down on the 5800 block of Angora Terrace. Neighbors heard the shots.

"My wife was relaxing on the couch downstairs, and we heard the shots,” Curtis Shipman said. "When I came out, there were friends and family screaming, 'Get the cops!'"

Police performed a "scoop and run," a lifesaving move during which they put an injured person in the back of the police car and rush the victim to the hospital even before an ambulance can arrive.

Doctors, however, couldn't save Collins.

"To see him lifeless on the ground -- it shook me," Tamika Shipman said.

Collins' mother graduated from nursing school the same day that her son was killed, a family friend said.

"He had a lot of love even when he was alive. I've seen it through my neighbors which are his family and friends," Shipman said.

There have been no arrests in the case.

"That’s just senseless for a life to end over something stupid," Curtis Shipman said.

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