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Woman Felt Forced to Wear Diapers to Work



    Woman Felt Forced to Wear Diapers to Work
    The two sides settled and the construction company agreed to pay Lisa $150,000 for her on-the-job diaper dilemma.

    A single mother of three said she was forced to wear diapers to her job at a construction site because the company didn't provide a way for women to use the restroom, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. She'll get $150,000 for the "humiliating" experience.

    Lisa Drozdowski, a 37-year old from Levittown, worked as a flagger for Danella Construction Corp. The men she worked with ducked behind equipment or vehicles when they needed to, but Lisa said she had to walk back to her car (which could be quite a hike at times), and then drive to find a restroom. Sometimes, she didn't make it so Lisa resorted to wearing adult diapers.

    "It was humiliating," she told the Inky. "But I needed the job."

    When Lisa complained, she said she was no longer given work.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed gender discrimination and retaliation complaints on her behalf.

    In a settlement this week, the company agreed to pay Lisa $150,000.

    "No one, male or female, was ever denied the opportunity to go to a restroom when the need to go was known," the company said in a statement explaining it was settling to avoid the cost of more litigation. 

    Four other women who worked for Danella will split $50,000.