15-Foot Snowman Gets Married

He’s captured the hearts of onlookers throughout the Pennsylvania area. But for the 15-foot snowman, there’s only room for one woman in his life. On the night before Valentine’s Day, he decided to make things official and got married, as a new photo sent to NBC10 shows.

Mr. Snowman made his debut earlier this month. James Weaver, owner of Weaver’s Mulch Company in Coatesville, built the snowy behemoth in his company’s parking lot.

“We built it here with our loaders… we sort of just go the idea when some of the workers talked about it,” said Weaver. “We basically created a huge snow pile with the loaders and then we just sort of carved it out using the loaders and rakes and shovels and stuff.”

The recent nor’easter dumped even more snow in his company’s lot. On Thursday, Weaver cleared the snow and pushed it against his snowman. That’s when he had the perfect idea.

“I figured rather than adding to the existing snowman I would make a partner,” Weaver said. “Thursday evening my son and I went out there and did it ourselves.”

Weaver’s construction methods this time were a bit more unconventional.

“We turned the original snowman into the lady,” Weaver said. “I just took the hat off and put the scarf on. Then I went beside it and built the bigger one, basically creating a new one up against the original one.”

Weaver used a truck tire and a wooden spool for the top hat, five gallon bucket lids for the eyes and cones for the noses.

While Weaver says he’s done building snowmen(and snowwomen), he’s also happy his giant creations have brought joy to residents growing weary of the brutal winter.

“A lot of people stop and take pictures,” Weaver said. “People are so tired of the snow and it seems to sort of put a smile on their face when they see it.”

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