$10K in Wedding Gifts Stolen From Pa. Couple

A Bucks County couple woke up the morning after their wedding to find all their gifts were gone

Amy and Jason Wright were married on Saturday in Springfield Township, Pa. And on Sunday, they were filling out a police report, after waking up to find out all their wedding gifts were gone.

The couple was married at a private farmhouse on California Road, owned by their friend.

The bride spoke exclusively with NBC10's Marisa Brahney and says approximately $10,000 in cash and checks were stolen.

"Somebody was like 'Amy did you open your gifts yet?'  And I said, 'No we didn't open them yet,' and then someone said, 'Well, where are the gifts?'

The couple says they assumed someone had moved the gifts into the house after the reception was over, but they were accidentally left outside under a tent.

"We realized, no one had put the gifts away, that someone had come into the property and had helped themselves," said Pat Raynock, property owner.

Wright says they found empty envelopes and gift bags scattered around the property.

"Who would do this? To take the memory of the night, and to end it in this way was just so heartbreaking for both of us," said Wright.

The couple says they had to call each guest to find out how much they gave so they could include the amount in the police report.

Pennsylvania State Police are talking with wedding guests, neighbors and the reception workers.

The Wright's are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

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