101 Johns, Prostitutes Busted in Search of Rapist

Kensington rapist targeting prostitutes

NBC 5 News

Philadelphia police arrested more than 75 johns and 26 prostitutes in only 12 days in the Kensington Avenue corridor of the city. The arrests are part of a crackdown in the area that a serial rapist has been targeting.

One of the johns was arrested twice.

The “john” operation is an effort by Philadelphia police to find the man who has beaten and raped four women, some of whom were prostitutes, in the past two months according to authorities.

The victims ranged in from 27 to 41-years-old. While they cannot say with certainty that one man committed all four rapes, police say “the common denominator defining these cases is the subject’s manner of approach and the violent nature of the assault.”

Police took DNA samples from 18 of the johns who matched the description of the Kensington rapist.


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