10! Spotlight: It Sprang from the River!


Have you ever wondered where someone came up with the idea for the slinky?  How about the idea for GPS, taillights, and even weather forecasting?  Get answers to these questions and learn about "everyday objects with maritime secrets" at the Independence Seaport Museum's unique exhibit, "It Sprang from the River."   

Opening on March 26th, the exhibit is designed as a house where visitors will walk from room to room, each populated with everyday objects paired with "secret" maritime artifacts illustrating their origins. Entertaining interactive opportunities include knot-tying, Morse code, weather folklore trivia, loading cargo (blocks) onto a "container ship," and more.

And, don't forget NBC 10 10's Chief Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz.video, telling this history of forecasting in the exhibits "living room!"

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