10 Questions: “The Voice” Singer Matt Cermanski

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Matt Cermanski, 20, is a singer from Phoenixville who's a contestant on NBC's "The Voice" Season 5.

What's the experience like participating on "The Voice?"

As a performer, I’m pretty confident and calm on the stage. I’ve been playing since I was 16, 17 years-old. I've been able to hone my craft for the last 5-6 years. On "The Voice" stage, I’ve seen both sides of making it and not making it. When you are on "The Voice" stage, all you think about is that you want to deliver the song and sing perfectly. The coaches are judging every note that comes out. I turned no chairs the first time (Season 4), and now this time I turned three. 

Why did you select the song “Have a Little Faith in Me” for your blind audition on Season 5?

I think mainly because the way the song is put together. It’s a soulful rock song. It’s so similar to something I would write. It has a lot symbolic meaning for me coming back on the show.


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Why did you pick Adam Levine as your coach?

(Cee-Lo, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine turned their chairs while Matt sang in season 5). Going out there I kept an open mind, but the way Adam was fighting for me. Adam turned his chair so quickly and was so adamant that I would be on his team. It was very quick, a weight off my soldiers. Watch here:

What was it like seeing you had made iTunes top 5 on the rock charts?

I couldn’t even explain it. I couldn’t believe it. In the first 10 minutes, my phone was blowing up. Friends were texting and calling me.  I was ranked right after Journey, "Don’t Stop by Believing." That was incredible to see my name up there with these all times great rock artists. It was insane.

Flashback: Describe what is was like the first time you were on "The Voice" Season 4.

I sang "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. It’s a pop song. It’s not really my style. I think overall you learn with everything you do. It was a learning experience and prepared me for season 5. (Matt didn't turn a chair on Season 4 and came back and turned three on Season 5).

When did you first become interested in singing?

I think I just have always been around music, and always have had a passion for music. My father was in a band, and my uncle was in The Tramps. Being raised on music and I love it too, it just inspired me to want to sing. I listened to rock music in 6th and 7tth grade and wanted to play to the guitar and began then. Guitar was my first instrument and love. I also play the piano and bass. I have two guys that I work with, a pianist and a drummer.

How do you describe your singing style and what's your favorite kind of music?

My singing is soulful rock. Being a song writer, anything from acoustic guitars to electric guitars fits. I like any genre of music really. Anything I listen to me can inspire me to write a song. There’s great music in every genre. You can learn from everything, from a dance pop song to a blues track, and incorporate that into everything.

Describe your family support and living at home. 

My family is so supportive -- dad, mom, brother and sister. My dad was a musician and he does everything he can to help me out. My family and friends around me are extremely supportive. I still live in Phoenixville, still gigging three or four times a week at clubs in the area. I attended Phoenixville HS and graduated in 2011. The best part of Philly is cheesesteaks. In high school, I like hanging out with friends and going to King of Prussia mall all the time, our hangout spot. Just the people… the people here are very supportive. It’s a small town. 

Who’s your musical inspiration?

For me, songwriting-wise, I love Rob Thomas. I’m a huge fan of his and Gavin DeGraw and Jon Mayer. They are my three favorites.

What do you want to do if singing doesn’t work out?

Music is my main goal. I’d love to make a career out of music. I'd also like to get a degree in college, as a backup plan, including getting good grades.

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