10 More Alleged Sandusky Victims Come Forward: Report

NY Times reports that at least ten more people have come forward saying Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually abused them as children.

About 10 more alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual assaults have come forward, sources close to the investigation told the New York Times.

This is in addition to the eight alleged victims reported in the grand jury presentment.

The Times broke the news of more alleged victims right around the time NBC’s Bob Costas was interviewing Sandusky on Rock Center Monday night– the first interview with the accused pedophile since he was arrested Nov. 5 on 40 counts of child sex abuse.

“I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts.  I have hugged them and I have touched their leg.  Without intent of sexual contact,” Sandusky told Costas Monday.

The shocking allegations against Sandusky - accusing him of sexually assaulting boys as young as 10 years old over more than a decade, and the subsequent and rapid fallout for Penn State and officials who allegedly knew of these accusations but failed to act, has the world watching what comes next.

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