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10 Things to Help Deck Out Your Dorm Room



    10 Things to Help Deck Out Your Dorm Room
    James Woodson

    Do you have a roommate or more than one suite-mate? Plan your dorm room decor together so you aren’t bringing the same items.

    1) Bedding – Every dorm room needs new sheets and a comforter.

    2) Television – Shopping for a television set? Check out the deals at retailers and discount stores.

    3) Computer – Financing a laptop or desktop computer purchase is an option. Most retailers have weekly sales. Check the circulars. 

    4) Kitchen Supplies – A microwave, pots and pans and your own kitchen utensils will help make your dorm kitchen feel like home.

    5) Color – Bring color into your room with your comforter choice, wall hangings and accent towels.

    6) Storage – Bins and stackable drawers provide more functional space in your dorm room.

    7) School Supplies – Gadgets such as e-pens, folders and tech backpacks will turn you into a tech-savvy student.

    8) Free Apps – SpringPad is a new note-taking app which takes photos with a mobile device storing them in SpringPad. Check it out. Google Keep syncs your work and home life, and offers voice notes. Evernote allows you to type and sync notes, voice memos and photos. Dictionary.com is a must-have app for every student.

    9) Furniture – Buy pieces that are multifunctional, such as a filing cabinet that can be used as an end table, a futon that can be used for a seating area and a sleepover bed, and an ottoman that offers more seating.

    10) Photos – Hang pictures of your family and friends to adorn your walls with a personal feel.

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