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10 Teens Convicted for Feb. 16 Flash Mob

One teen gets more time for lying to judge



    10 Teens Convicted for Feb. 16 Flash Mob
    Expect to see more police patrolling the Gallery at Market East after school hours.

    A Family Court judge convicted 10 teenagers of felony rioting for taking part in a roving mob that stormed Center City last month.

    Judge Kevin Dougherty was no pushover as he told one 15-year-old that for every lie the boy told, he would get a year in juvenile detention. By the end, the teen got three years in the system, reports the Inquirer.

    "You all want to play me and say you went down there shopping," Dougherty told the group of teens, according to the Inquirer. "I'm not believing you."

    Dougherty gave the others lesser sentences Monday, which ranged from 30 days in boot camp, to home detention, to time in state juvenile detention centers, in connection with the flash mob of mostly teens that descended on the City Hall area on Feb. 16.

    Police say the teens were part of a group of about 150 that rampaged Macy’s and the Gallery at Market East, throwing merchandise and knocking down pedestrians.

    One teen was acquitted because there was no and four others have agreed to plead guilty.

    Another group of teens charged in a March 3 incident will appear at a hearing today.

    Flash Mob Turned Violent

    [PHI] Flash Mob Turned Violent
    The flash mob that took over South Street on Saturday caused more than headaches for business owners.
    (Published Monday, March 22, 2010)

    Police say teens are using social network sites to spread word of massive gatherings. The latest happened Saturday on South Street.

    "The lesson these kids are going to learn today is . . . the days of being slapped on the wrist are over," Dougherty said.