1 Dead in Bizarre Arson, Shooting: Police

A 17-year-old says her dad went into their burning home. Shortly after, she heard a gunshot and never saw him come back out, police say.

Police are investigating a bizarre scenario that’s unfolding at what used to be a home near Boyertown in Berks County.

Firefighters, police and other emergency crews were called to a burning home on Oysterdale Road just after midnight Thursday.

What they discovered was a 17-year-old girl hiding in the woods, watching as her house burned. A fire, she says was set by her father, according to the Reading Eagle.

She also tells police that she saw her father go back into the burning house. She says she heard a gunshot and that her dad never came back out.

The girl’s mother tells police that her husband had an arsenal inside the house, investigators say.

Among the rubble of the home, which burned to the ground, was a body, although it has not yet been identified, according to authorities.

We'll keep you updated with details as they become available.


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