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Political Proposal at the DNC



    Couple Gets Engaged on the DNC Floor

    Cameras rolled as a couple got engaged on the floor of the DNC. NBC10 spoke to the happy couple, who both work on "Studio 2016," the live pre-show program for the convention. (Published Monday, July 25, 2016)

    Despite the political frenzy from the DNC, a couple made time for some romance and got engaged on the convention stage inside the Wells Fargo Center Monday.

    Newly-engaged couple Andrew Binns and Liz Hart both work on "Studio 2016," the live pre-show program for the convention.   

    "We’ve been working on the convention for the long time. It’s a historical point in our country and now a historical point for us," Binns said.

    Binns and Hart went up on stage for what Hart thought would be just another picture and right behind them in the center of the stage was a huge photo with "Will You Marry Me" etched in sand.

    "Getting up on stage I just thought we would take another photo together but it turned out to be probably the best photo we will ever have,” Hart said.

    Although there was heavy security, Binns was able to pull off the engagement.

    “The key to pulling this off was telling as few people as possible to make sure it stayed a secret,” Binns said.