The Cake Boss Grants Wish for Sick Girl

A local girl battling cancer gets the chance to meet her favorite baker -- Buddy from TLC's Cake Boss

Battling cancer at any age is an exhausting quest -- especially for a 9-year-old kid. But for the past year Grace Doran has been fighting her way to recovery.

She does it with help from her doctors, love from her parents and laughs from the Cake Boss.

Diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in May 2009, the Cherry Hill, N.J. girl says sometimes the treatment process can get her down.

"The hardest part is the needles and stuff, the chemo that makes me feel wonky and gross," she said.

But one sure-fire cure for her cancer blues is the hit TLC reality show about the loud and lovable family of bakers from Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken.

On the show, Buddy Valastro and his huge Italian family run the world-famous bakeshop started by his late father. The team creates amazing treats and cakes that defy the imagination.

"It cheered me up when I wasn't feeling that good," Grace said of the show.

So when a local organization called Little Smiles that helps grant sick children wishes contacted NBC Philadelphia anchor Dawn Timmeney about setting up a chance to have Grace meet Buddy, she had to help make it happen.

After a few calls, Grace found out her wish would come true. Last Tuesday, the Dorans jumped on the turnpike and made their way to Carlo's for the big day.

"This is cool," Grace said as she walked through the bakery.

Seeing all the tasty creations was great and all, but everyone knew Grace had one goal -- meeting Buddy.

"Buddy!" she screamed as he walked into the room to greet her with a big hug.

The Boss promptly took her on a tour before giving her a lesson in the best part of any cake -- the icing.

First, Grace tried her hand with decorating a cupcake. Then she moved on to the tough stuff like creating a flower out of icing.

The young apprentice wasn't the only one exited about the visit. Buddy was floored that he was picked as the little girl's wish.

"To think about that out of all the people in the world she could've seen, she wanted to come and see me and make cake…it means the world to me. It really does," he said.

It also means the world to her mother Eileen.

"To see her smile, you know, there's been some very, very hard days and for her to get that chance to just be a kid and have some of her dreams come true it was really special."

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