Styling Your Hair “Down There”

The Brazilian is SOOOO yesterday.

Trimming your pubic hair is no longer form over fashion.

This new trend in hair styling is called Betty Beauty

So what exactly is Betty? It's your hair down there.

Betty Beauty allows you to turn your pubic hair into a work of art with different colors and shapes.

The stencil shapes (called Charmcils) include a lightning bolt, flower, star, bow tie, heart, peace sign, money sign, lips and more!

The colors include blonde, red, black, brown, hot pink, aqua blue, envious green, outrageous orange, and sassy red.

Plus, Betty Beauty takes on new forms for special occasions and holidays.

The specialty colors include BEWITCHING betty;, HOLIDAY betty;, VALENTINE’S DAY betty;, ST. PATRICK’S DAY betty;, BRIDAL betty; and more!

You heard right "Bridal betty."  Brides sometimes come in and get the color blue done for "that tradition, something borrowed, something blue."

KTLA news has an up close and personal look at how to beautify your “Betty.”   Worth 4 minutes of your time, ladies. 

Betty Beauty has been featured in Vogue, Allure, People, and O Magazine.

Anyone who wants to get their "Betty" in tip top shape can go to Bed Bath and Beyond, Spencer’s Gifts and

The Betty color kits are $19.99 and the Charmcil stencils are $9.99.

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