Not Enough Brotherly Love in the Bedroom

Philadelphian's rate among the lowest in the country for sexual satisfaction

This might be the perfect weekend to start some fireworks in the bedroom according to a survey by New Jersey based Trojan condoms. The survey measured sexual frequency and satisfaction.

It found that people in the Philadelphia area have a 64 percent sexual satisfaction rate with an average sexual activity rate of 73 times per year. That amounts to 1.4 times per week.

There is good news for those who are frustrated. People usually see more sparks during long holiday weekends, like the one coming up.

"The Fourth of July is historically a big sales event for condom manufacturers and distributors," said Jim Daniels, Vice President of Marketing for Trojan Brand Condoms. "When the holiday falls on a long weekend, another traditional condom sales driver, the resulting sales spike can be even more pronounced.”

The city with the most action is Houston, by a large margin. People there have sex 101 times annually according to the survey. Atlanta comes in second place for frequency. The average person there has sex 88 times a year. In San Francisco, they're suffering more than we are -- people there are getting it only 60 times a year. Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago tied for second lowest place, all reporting a sexual activity rate of 73 times per year.

With these numbers it's no surprise that 62 percent of Americans wish they were having sex more often. Surprisingly 4 percent of people complained of too much sex.

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