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New Inclusive Aerie Campaign Highlights Women With Medical Conditions and Disabilities

From unretouched photos to models with diabilities, Aerie for American Eagle is promoting body positivity across its website and social media platforms.  

The brand released new images this week featuring models who use wheelchairs and arm crutches, as well as those affected by Type 1 diabetes and vitiligo. 

Abby Sams, one of the campaign's models, took to Twitter to express her appreciation. 

People took to Twitter to thank Aerie for including images of people who represent them.

This is not Aerie’s first campaign that challenges conventional beauty standards. Since 2014, the brand has used the hashtag #AerieREAL on Instagram and Twitter to showcase unretouched photos and celebrate the beauty of women with different body types.

Other brands have also jumped on the body positive movement.

In 2016, Target launched a #NOFOMO campagin. The hashtag, which stands for "no fear of missing out," encouraged women to celebrate their bodies without shame during the summer swimwear season.

The brand followed up in 2017 and 2018 with the #TargetSwim campaigns featuring models of all sizes. Images were not altered using Photoshop. 

As for Aerie, the brand plans to continue promoting girl power and body positivity through its diverse models. 

"We hope we can continue to grow not only as a brand, but as an advocate for representation and inclusion," the company wrote on Twitter. 

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