Halloween Health Hoaxes

Ignore Fake Scares, Most are Hyped say Docs

Get over exaggerated worries about Halloween says Dr. Elizabeth Whelan of the American Council on Science and Health.

Dr. Whelan wants to debunk some major myths about the holiday.

  1. There's no scientific evidence kids are more hyperactive after eating Halloween candy. They're more likely to be hyperactive because they're getting to bed late.
  2. Razors in candy?  "Forgettaboutit!" She says it just doesn't happen.
  3. Candy coloring won't hurt you. The doctor claims there's no evidence dyes and colorings hurt your health.
  4. Stop worrying about flame retardants in costumes. A greater risk would be a lack of such protection on a night when candles are everywhere.

Here's what parents should do according to the doc:

  1. Keep kids in sight on their tick-or-treating rounds.
  2. Make sure masks don't block kids' ability to see traffic.
  3. Give children a substantial meal before setting out, they'll be less likely to gorge on goodies.
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