A Sense of Humor Could Save a Life

A little laughter can go a long way while convincing your loved one to get a colon cancer screening

Convincing men to get screened for colon cancer can be daunting, but colorectal surgeon Dr. Philip Pearson of Main Line Health says all it takes sometimes is a sense of humor and a little coaxing.

Dr. Pearson has five unconventional ways women can convince their men to get a colonoscopy:

  1. She should get one herself -- women get colon cancer as much as men
  2. Appeal to his sense of family -- make sure he is around to see them grow
  3. Appeal to his sense of competition -- all the cool guys are getting one
  4. Tell him it's preventative maintenance -- like changing the oil in a car
  5. So that he can prove that his head is not lodged up there

Of course using romance as a lure could also work, according to the doc.

A colonoscopy may just save his life, but if all else fails, the doc says, the hell with him, get one yourself and possibly save your own life.

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