Chairs Becoming Extinct

And the no-chair mindset is a good thing in this local classroom

A bunch of fourth-graders at Conrad Weiser West Elementary School in Womelsdorf, Pa., now have their bottoms up in the classroom while learning. The school has said good-bye to those hard grade-school chairs and hello to a softer approach of sitting.

These kids are using stability balls. Who would have thought that the exercise ball had multiple uses? With the minor improvement of adding 4 small legs to help keep the balls stable, the balls are becoming all the rage in pre-school to college classrooms.

According to Lisa Witt, the owner and supplier of the resin ball, she has clients in some 23 states. It’s not only filled with air, but benefits that could lead to improvements with behavior, handwriting, posture and health.

Witt, a former elementary school teacher herself, explains that the ball strengthens the abdomen and back, creates better blood flow to the brain, which enhances a child’s learning capabilities. “Kids need to be moving, and with these balls you can implement short body movement breaks in between lessons which allow a outlet for kids; it’s a Double Deal,” says Witt.

Schools can seek federal grants that are meant to encourage health for children. The balls range from $24-$45 and come with training.

It looks like schools may need to find another use for all those wood and plastic chairs, possibly recycle them.


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