Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Three

10 weeks, four people and one kick-your-butt boot camp

The competition is heating up between our four Be a 10 in 10 Weeks challengers. After Week Two, some are shedding the weight and others are stagnant.

Megan Smith may have started off slow, but is gaining ground with her losses. The public relations guru works painfully long hours -- sometimes 16 hours a day -- making sure her clients look great. But the grind is notorious for leaving people yearning for the comfort of tasty, yet unhealthy food. "Let's face it vegetables are not that tasty, they are not as good as McDonald's fries," she says.

Having eaten a few more veggies and keeping her "addiction" for white chocolate in check, Megan lost 2 lbs. this week up from 1.5 lbs. last, bringing her weight to 181.5 lbs.

Male model and interior designer Joe Matthews made huge gains (or rather, a huge loss) over the past week. Joe, who's looking to shed the hardest weight possible -- the last 10 pounds -- lost 3 lbs. bringing his weight to 179 lbs. He's lost a total of 6 lbs. since the competition started.

Nicole Michalik has also lost 6 lbs., but she did it all in the first week. The Q102 DJ and former Biggest Loser seems to have hit a plateau, not losing any weight during week two even after completing six workouts. She stays grounded at 186 lbs.

For blogger Hughe Dillon this challenge brings him the opportunity to take his life back. "I never saw my friends, I was afraid to go out, I cancelled a lot of plans," he said all because he was unhappy being overweight. The final straw came when he broke a ladder at a red carpet event while trying to get the perfect snapshot of Pam Anderson for his website.

Well, Hughe can revel in the fact that he has lost the most amount of weight so far in the competition. He dropped 2 lbs. during week two bringing him to 290 lbs. That's down 7 lbs. from his starting weight of 297. "It's amazing, over three weeks how much I really feel different," he admitted. But with the highest body fat percentage at 40 percent, he still has a long way to travel.

Be a 10 Web Extra: Don't Forget the Strength Training

You can run, run, run all you want, but you still need to do a little strength training to keep those muscles toned. Gavin shows Justin a few simple exercises to do on your next cardio set.

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Hughe - Starting Weight: 297 lbs.
Week One: 292 lbs. | Week Two: 290 lbs. | Total Loss: 7 lbs.

Megan - Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
Week One: 183.5 lbs. | Week Two: 181.5 lbs. | Total Loss: 3.5 lbs.

Nicole - Starting Weight: 192 lbs.
Week One: 186 lbs. | Week Two: 186 lbs. | Total Loss: 6 lbs.

Joe - Starting Weight: 185 lbs.
Week One: 182 lbs. | Week Two: 179 lbs. | Total Loss: 6 lbs.

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