Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Six

10 weeks, four people and one kick-your-butt boot camp

The halfway point in our Be a 10 in 10 Weeks fitness challenge has come and gone. The competition has been brutal and training has been even worse, but our four boot campers are starting to see serious results.

"I feel like I'm killing myself every week," said Joe Matthews as he described the training regimen he's endured thus far. Joe's been trying convert those pesky last 10 lbs. of fat into muscle so he can get back into modeling. The interior designer and part-time cover boy has worked hard over the past five weeks -- dropping 6 lbs., reducing his waist by a whole size  and lightening his BMI (body fat index) to 13.4 percent.

And it's all paid off! While this is the just the midpoint, Joe already landed a modeling gig with Dominic Episcopo Photography for a major athletic clothing company. The name is still under wraps, but you're sure to see him in magazines or on billboards soon.

Megan Smith upgrades her prognosis of the training from death to simply "torture." We're not sure which is worse, but she knows they payoff will be great. The public relations exec's results have been steady with a minor set back here and there. After gaining almost three pounds last week, she bounced back dropping three, bringing her down to 179 lbs. Her other stats also faired well, including the BMI, which fell from 31.5 to 30.7 percent.

The PR maven also set a new goal for herself this week -- vowing to run 13 miles in the Philadelphia Distance Run this September. "I can do 13 miles, I just have to put my mind to it," she said. Megan's hoping that goal will keep her hands off the white chocolate she loves so dearly.

Hitting halfway was "hard" for blogger and photographer Hughe Dillon. He's been dealing with some personal issues, causing him to stray from the diet plan. But Hughe can celebrate this week as he makes strides in the weight loss.

Hughe lost a total of 8.5 lbs. over the past five weeks, three of those just since last week. His waist size is down to 56.5 inches and the BMI percentage is creeping ever lower.

Our very own Biggest Loser Nicole Michalik admits the process has been tough but says she's "way too prideful and stubborn of a person to quit." The Q102 DJ has gone full speed ahead since the competition started and it definitely hasn't gone unnoticed. Even while vacationing in Walt Disney World, Nicole managed her weight fairly well, gaining 1.75 lbs.

She weighed in at 184.25 lbs. this week, but lost an inch from her waist and is down to 34.4 percent body mass index. Nicole can stand as an inspiration to all, losing more than 100 lbs. on the NBC reality show The Biggest Loser and then another 40 lbs. on her own. She dished about her experience in an interview last week and gave advice on submitting a tape to the show.

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, did you know that NBC's casting for season eight of the show this Saturday right here in Philly? If you think you've got what it takes, bring a friend down to the NBC10 Studios between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Get all the details right here.

If that's not your thing, you can work on a few things right in the comfort of your own home. Expert trainer Gavin McKay from Fusion Fitness has some tips on saying no to peer pressure when it comes to eating. He and Justin also offer a few pointers on how to get those perfect abs.

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Hughe - Starting Stats - Weight: 297 lbs. | Waist: 57.5 in. | Body Fat: 40 percent
Week One: 292 lbs. | Week Two: 290 lbs. | Week Three: 287 lbs. | Week Four: 292 lbs. | Week Five: 288.5 lbs.
Total Loss: 8.5 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 56.5 in. | Body Fat: 39.2 percent

Megan - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 37 in. | Body Fat: 31.5 percent
Week One: 183.5 lbs. | Week Two: 181.5 lbs. | Week Three: 179.5 | Week Four: 182 | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Total Loss: 3 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 36.25 in. | Body Fat: 30.7 percent

Nicole - Starting Stats - Weight: 192 lbs. | Waist: 39.75 in. | Body Fat: 35.2 percent
Week One: 186 lbs. | Week Two: 186 lbs. | Week Three: 182.5 | Week Four: Not Recorded | Week Five: 184.25 lbs.
Total Loss: 9.5 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 38.75 in. | Body Fat: 34.4 percent

Joe - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 34.75 in. | Body Fat: 14.2 percent
Week One: 182 lbs. | Week Two: 179 lbs. | Week Three: 178 lbs. | Week Four: 178 lbs. | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Total Loss: 6 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 32.75 in. | Body Fat: 13.4 percent

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