Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Nine

10 weeks, four people and one kick-your-butt boot camp

The end is in sight for the four contenders in our Be a 10 in 10 Weeks fitness challenge. They only have one week's worth of workouts left before the final weigh in. Will they make it to their goals? Only time will tell.

The group has developed a little healthy competition over the past nine weeks -- pushing each other to lift harder, jump higher and run faster. So this week, Fusion Fitness trainer Gavin McKay decided to see how the quad would work as a team against some well-known visitors -- broadcasters from NBC Philadelphia.

Anchor and consumer reporter Tracy Davidson, meteorologist Dave Warren and sports director and former NFL star Vai Sikahema showed up at Rittenhouse Square to see what the boot campers were made of. It wasn't long until the trash talking started to fly.

"Tracy, I'm coming for you," shouted Nicole Michalik. The Q102 disc jockey and former Biggest Loser vowed to finish what she started by shedding those last 20 lbs. The rumble on the square didn't make a dent in her goal. She added 1.5 lbs. bringing her total loss to 8.5 lbs.

Model and interior designer Joe Matthews went step for step with Dave. During a sprint around the square, the duo was neck and neck, but it all fell apart at the end: "Dave flew by me at the end, though." This week, Joe hit the gym 10 times -- probably to make up for the two pounds he gained last. But the scale didn't budge. However, it's pretty safe to say he's got nothing to worry about with that vigorous workout schedule.

Megan Smith took a page from Joe's book this week, upping her gym regimen from four to six workouts. But she too stayed stuck at last week's weight. Megan's been yo-yoing between 179 and 177 for the past four weeks now, which puts her goal of dropping 25 lbs. pretty much out of reach. Rather than making excuses for the missed goal, trainer Gavin offered some advice on how to take responsibility and create convenience when you stumble from the training path.

Instead of focusing on competing with a broadcaster, Hughe Dillon trained his mind on reaching his own goals during the Rittenhouse workout. Shuffling from one exercise to the next, Hughe kept up a steady pace to help burn the calories. "I'll never look at these benches the same," he said while completing reverse pushups. "They're actually like an accomplishment."

The blogger has made a lot of accomplishments over the course of the challenge. With the exception of one week, he's consistently lost weight every week -- something no other player has done. This time around he dropped another 2 lbs. to 283 lbs.

In the end, it was our broadcasters who were feeling the heat. "This was a bad idea," said Tracy. Dave felt the same: "Doing regular cardio for 30 minutes seems easy compared to this." And even Vai, the powerhouse, admitted "it does look a lot easier on TV."

Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Hughe - Starting Stats - Weight: 297 lbs. | Waist: 57.5 in. | Body Fat: 40 percent
Week One: 292 lbs. | Week Two: 290 lbs. | Week Three: 287 lbs. | Week Four: 292 lbs. | Week Five: 288.5 lbs.
Week Six: 286 lbs. | Week Seven: 285 lbs. | Week Eight: 283 lbs. | Total Loss: 14 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 56.5 in. | Body Fat: 39.2 percent

Megan - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 37 in. | Body Fat: 31.5 percent
Week One: 183.5 lbs. | Week Two: 181.5 lbs. | Week Three: 179.5 | Week Four: 182 | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Week Six: 177 lbs. | Week Seven: 178 lbs. | Week Eight: 178 lbs. | Total Loss: 7 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 36.25 in. | Body Fat: 30.7 percent

Nicole - Starting Stats - Weight: 192 lbs. | Waist: 39.75 in. | Body Fat: 35.2 percent
Week One: 186 lbs. | Week Two: 186 lbs. | Week Three: 182.5 | Week Four: Not Recorded | Week Five: 184.25 lbs.
Week Six: 184 lbs. | Week Seven: 181.5 lbs. | Week Eight: 183 lbs. | Total Loss: 8.5 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 38.75 in. | Body Fat: 34.4 percent

Joe - Starting Stats - Weight: 185 lbs. | Waist: 34.75 in. | Body Fat: 14.2 percent
Week One: 182 lbs. | Week Two: 179 lbs. | Week Three: 178 lbs. | Week Four: 178 lbs. | Week Five: 179 lbs.
Week Six: 179 lbs. | Week Seven: 181 lbs. | Week Eight: 181 lbs. | Total Loss: 4 lbs.

Midpoint Stats - Waist: 32.75 in. | Body Fat: 13.4 percent

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