Be a 10 in 10 Weeks: Week Four

A little success can be a huge motivator

If we were having an Oprah moment, we’d throw 30 pounds of lard in a wagon and lug it across a stage for you. Then we’d sit down Hughe, Megan, Nicole and Joe and scrape away a lifetime of emotional tartar from the self-doubt section of their brains.
A mental floss and then maybe a makeover!


This is boot camp, baby! No need to over-analyze or get all warm and fuzzy. It boils down to one big thing: discipline.

We recruited four people and challenged them to spend 10 weeks with a personal trainer and coach, enduring grueling workouts and eating right. Be a 10 in 10 Weeks.

After three weeks of boot camp workouts, the group overall has dropped 30 pounds and the guy with the most ambitious weight loss goal leads the pack, although he’s logged the fewest number of workouts.

Hughe Dillon, celebrity blogger and photographer for PhillyChitChat by night and a paralegal by day has lost a total of 10 pounds in three weeks with 14 workouts. So he’s hitting the gym, on average, nearly five times a week. His goal at the start of the challenge was to lose at least 50 pounds. He’s losing an average of 3.3 pounds each week and if he keeps that up, he’ll lose 33 in 10 weeks, which is still great.

Megan R. Smith is our most consistent challenger. She owns her own PR company, Brownstone PR, never met a sweet she didn’t like and is trying to get over her aversion to green, leafy things. Each week, she worked out six out of seven days. Megan’s lost 5.5 pounds in three weeks, which is pacing just a bit under her goal of dropping 25 pounds. And she just scored a gig as a columnist. Go Megan!

Nicole Michalik, Q102 DJ, gets props for exercising more than anyone else. She’s hit the gym a total of 19 times (all but two days!) in the last three weeks. This girl’s nailed it before when it comes to discipline. She lost more than 100 pound on NBC’s reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. Two weeks shy of the halfway mark, Nicole has lost 9.5 pound  and only has to shed 10.5 more to meet her weight loss goal. Oh, and we're thinking she may have a little crush on an NBC10 cameraman. Check her twitter.

Joe Matthews, our male model and interior designer, only lost one pound during the third week of boot camp, but he’s only three pounds shy of hitting his goal, which is to lose the last stubborn 10 and convert more fat to pure muscle. Joe owns Matthews Interior Design in Old City.

Check out Gavin's Revoluntionary Run boot camp session where Hughe went M.I.A.

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Fitness is Gavin McKay's forte. He owns his own gym, Fusion Cross Training and is not a quick-fix kind of guy. He's a big believer in healthy living. Along with his workouts and coaching, Gavin is equipping our challengers (and you!) with other fitness tips including his Eating Principles, like the one simple "Secret" to fat loss and why you shouldn't judge food by its size or drinks by their color. You can also check out his S.M.A.R.T. goals philosophy for anyone who is really ready to jump start their way to a longer, healthier life.

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