Are Fat Burners Right for You?

Many of us have thought about ways to speed up our weight loss. Is it worth risking our health?

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An entry from my weight loss journal:

I was reading an article yesterday about NBC Biggest Loser winners. After I flipped the page of the magazine I saw an ad for a fat burner. The ad stated that customers lost 3 times more weight by taking the fat burner. I must admit that it peaked my interest. My weight has been coming off but it's been a lot slower than I would like it to.
So I started scouring the Internet to see if I can find out which fat burner is best to use. I didn't quite find what I was looking for.
After reading lots of reviews it helped me to come back to reality and stop looking at fat burners like a fairy godmother. The reviews that talked about the increased heart rate and inability to sleep at night really scared me away. Those who left positive reviews exercised and ate the right foods to see results. It seems as if they used the fat burners to give them more energy and suppress their appetite. Since I am already eating the right foods and exercising I have no reason to give into the temptation to use a product that will likely be harmful to my health. Besides, I need my beauty rest and anything that interferes with that has no place in my space!


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