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A Hug in Each Wrap



    A Hug in Each Wrap
    Brenda Jones wanted to give other breast cancer patients hope and dignity so she created "Hug Wraps".

    When Brenda Jones was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn't like the cold and flimsy hospital gown she had to wear while going through treatments.

    "I was forced to put on those hideous hospital gowns for daily treatments. I hated them so I decided to create my own alternative gown to wear," said Jones.

    Jones created what she affectionately calls, "Hug Wraps", a kimono-style wrap and belt with 3/4 length sleeves, made with soft, warm flannel material that comes to the mid-thigh and opens in the front. It's pretty much like a Snuggie, but it’s the thought behind each wrap that makes it so special.

    "I put one on and I immediately thought to myself this feels like a nice warm hug," said Jones.

    Hug Wraps

    [PHI] Hug Wraps

    Jones has designed and created more than 150 gowns with her sewing machine and the kindness of people who've donated to her cause.

    “It gave my hands and my mind something to do, other than to think about the fact that I’m a breast cancer patient,” said Jones

    If you are interested in learning more about Jones' Hug Wraps, you can contact her.

    “Every stitch in these hug wraps is made with love and understanding. This is truly a labor of love,” Jones says.