Recycle Against The Machine

Dust off that old computer, wipe down that broken keyboard and pull out that old cassette player because someone finally wants your old electronic junk.

Allentown's Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste will collect unwanted electronics on Saturday morning at the Main Yard Waste Site at Fish Hatchery Road and Oxford Drive for recycling.
The collection event runs from 9 until noon. Com-Cycle, one of the nation’s leading full-service recycling companies, will take the recycled material.

Com-Cycle guaranteed that any equipment dropped off at any of its recycling events will not end up in a landfill and also offers secure data destruction of electronic data drives.

But alas nothing is free -- there is a fee to recycle your items. It will cost $2.00 for each item or per computer component, $5 per copier and $20 for each television because of the extra handling needed. Be ready -- they only take cash.

For the complete list of acceptable items, visit the Allentown Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste Web site or call the Recycling Hotline at 610.437.8729.

More than 900 items were collected in two previous events this year, significantly reduced the amount of toxins in landfills.

By recycling broken and unwanted electronics, people can directly affect the amount of lead that ends up in the landfills. Cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors and televisions contain toxic lead, which can seep into the ground and possibly into underground aquifers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

So get out there and for a few bucks make a "greener" difference.

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