Shift Gears into Summer With National Bike to Work Day

We know. Work sucks. Long hours, pushy bosses, low pay and terrible commutes are just some of the things that make work, well, work. But Friday, National Bike to Work Day is aimed to throw a little spice into the morning commute and maybe make your sucky job a little bit better.

If you want to get in on the fun, riders should meet in front of the Art Museum steps before 8:30 a.m. for a 2.2-mile trip with Mayor Nutter down to City Hall.
National Bike to Work Day won’t only get you out of the car and into the fresh air, but it’ll also get your heart pumping. And, since Philly was ranked as one of the fattest cities in the country, we could use a nice work out (plus cutting out the car will help the environment).

While the trip from the Art Museum to City Hall is nice, why not cut the “to work” part and spend the day biking around the city and burning some carbs while you’re at it?

Here are a few fun places you can bike to from City Hall, plus the carbs burned for a few generic weights

South Street
From the TLA to Beadworks to Condom Kingdom, there’s something for everyone on South Street. A quick one-mile cruise down Broad Street will put you right in the middle of the shopping district. A 135-pound person will burn 85 calories on the ride, while a 225-pound person will burn off about 140 calories. Plus all of the calories burned walking in and out of the shops.   

Pat’s Cheesesteaks
If you’re itching for some Wiz/Wit, Pat’s is a mere two miles away. Keep in mind though that a 12-inch cheesesteak has around 1,200 calories and on the way there a 135-pound rider will only burn about 100 calories.

The Zoo
Take a trip to see the polar bears at the Philadelphia Zoo while you still can because not everyone is as concerned about global warning as you. A 155-pound person will burn about 130 calories each way on the 2.6-mile trip to the Zoo.
East Fairmount Park
Enjoy nature by taking a 4.2-mile bike ride from City Hall to the park. A 225-pound person will burn more than 300 calories on the ride there.

Ringling Bros 
Be a kid again (this time hopefully with out the training wheels) and ride 3.4-miles down Broad Street to the Wachovia Spectrum for the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus. While you won’t turn into a circus strongman lifting anvils just yet, the trip down will burn about 150 calories for a 135-pound rider, about 175 for a 155 pounder and about 25o for a 225-pound person.

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