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TV, Computer Recycling in NJ, Pa., Del.

Find out where to drop off your old electronics



    TV, Computer Recycling in NJ, Pa., Del.
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    Depending where you live you might already be required or soon will be required to recycle old televisions, computer, monitors, tablets, DVD players, etc. rather than throwing out the outdated electronics.

    Recycling these types of electronics already became law in New Jersey last year and will become law in Pennsylvania later this month.

    New Jersey implemented the Electronic Waste Management Act last New Year’s Day meaning that electronics could no longer be left for curbside pickup. In the first nine months of the program, more than 62 million pounds of e-waste were diverted.

    “Recycling of e-waste is taking hold across the state, and is steadily becoming routine,” N.J. Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin said. “These devices can no longer be placed out on the curb. They must be taken to specially designated e-waste recycling drop-off points conveniently located throughout our municipalities and counties or to retailers that accept these materials.”

    The reason to recycle these items is to keep potentially hazardous materials out of landfills and incinerators.

    Each N.J. county has its own electronic drop-off location.

    In Pennsylvania, households and small businesses can recycle these types of goods at select manufacturing and retail locations. There are also one-day collection programs run by counties. Recycling will become mandatory starting Jan. 24, according to

    There are already two electronics drop-off locations in Philly.

    Delaware also has an electronic goods recycling program with drop-off locations for businesses, schools and residents.