‘Philly Fighting COVID' as City's 1st Mass Coronavirus Vaccination Site Opens

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is now hosting a large-scale coronavirus vaccine site

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What to Know

  • Philadelphia health department has teamed up with Philly Fighting COVID to open the City's first mass vaccination site.
  • Health care workers in Tier 1A of the city's vaccination plan were the first people to get doses Friday.
  • The Pennsylvania Convention Center vaccination site can serve up to 4,500 patients each day, organizers say.

Philadelphia is opening its first mass coronavirus vaccination site.

The first doses were administered Friday morning at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center City.

The site isn't for everyone, at least to start. First up are front-line health care workers, including home health care workers, in the 1A vaccination group who have already signed up. Police officers and transportation workers are in the next group set to get vaccinated.

GET TESTED: Testing still remains critical in the City's fight against coronavirus. Click here to find a testing site in Philadelphia.

The vaccination site set up in Hall F of the Convention Center is designed to vaccinate between 100 to 450 people per hour and up to 4,500 people daily, organizers said. It features stations for the shots to be given and seats spread out for monitoring people afterwards.

The group Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) partnered with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to run the site. PFC -- which dubs itself as "a group of forward-thinking engineers and scientists who refused to stand idle" -- is about as Philly as it gets, conjuring imagery of Rocky in its logo.

PFC plans to open other large vaccination sites in the city in the coming weeks.

"PFC has created the preeminent blueprint for mass clinic design and operations because it maximizes safety, efficiency, and patient privacy," the group said.

When Could I Get the Vaccine?

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Source: the Vaccine Allocation Planner for COVID-19 by Ariadne Labs and the Surgo Foundation
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