Philly Tripling Limit on Outdoor Activities Amid Coronavirus

Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced Thursday that outdoor gatherings can increase from 50 to 150 people starting next week. Indoor gatherings remain at 25.

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Citing evidence of the novel coronavirus spreading much easier indoors than outside, Philadelphia's health commissioner has announced an increase on the number of people who can gather outdoors.

At Thursday afternoon's COVID-19 news briefing, Dr. Thomas Farley said that the limit on people gathering outdoors will go from 50 to 150 starting Monday, Sept. 14.

Farley hopes the outdoor gathering limit expansion promotes people getting outside.

He noted that the limit on those gathering indoors would remain at 25. Indoor activities, however, have slowly returned, including indoor dining just this week.

Though research and data show the virus spreading more easily indoors than out, “all gatherings pose some risk of spread,” Farley said.

He urged people to wear masks, maintain a safe distance from each other and not serve food or drink at outdoor gatherings so that people would keep their masks on.

Farley urged people to not let their guards down now that Eagles football is back. He said people should avoid group gatherings for the game -- even outside as food and drink would likely be served -- and instead watch with family at home.

As of Thursday, nearly 35,000 people in Philadelphia had tested positive for COVID-19, according to City health data. At least 1,763 people had died from virus-related complications.

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