Raise a Glass: Hundreds of More Pa. Liquor Stores Now Offering Curbside Pickup

Starting Monday, you can pick up liquor and wine at hundreds more Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores. Get the full list of Philadelphia-area stores below

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What to Know

  • The list of Pennsylvanian Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores offering curbside pickup of liquor and wine has expanded by the hundreds.
  • As of Monday, April 27, 565 liquor stores across Pennsylvania are accepting phone orders for curbside pickup.
  • All orders will be first-call, first-served starting at 9 a.m. Monday to Saturday. Customers can only order six bottles per day.

Still upset over your local Pennsylvania liquor store being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and having trouble finding a store offering curbside pickup to pick up the phone? All hope is not lost. On Monday, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board expanded its list of Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores offering curbside pickups. 

On April 27, another 389 state-run liquor stores began offering curbside pickup for wine and hard liquor.

There are now a total of 565 liquor stores throughout the Keystone State offering the service, the PLCB said. Dozens of Philadelphia and suburban Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores are included in the Phase 2 list of stores now offering curbside pickup.

“We’re making strides in expanding service to Fine Wine & Good Spirits customers, and we hope that adding hundreds more locations for curbside pickup will help us get through this surge of demand for wine and spirits,” PLCB Chairman Tim Holden said.

Participating state-run stores will take a limited number of orders by phone on a first-call, first-served basis starting at 9 a.m. Monday through Saturday until the store reaches the maximum number of orders it can fulfill that day. You can then pickup your order between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. The PLCB warns, however, that some stores will have more limited hours and those are noted on the agency's list.

Stocking up? You will need to go various days. The curbside pickup will be limited to one order of no more than six bottles per caller and per store each day. You must pay by credit card over the phone and all sales are final.

"Each store has its own unique inventory and staff will guide callers through the products available for purchase before finalizing each order and taking payment by phone," the PLCB said in a Friday news release.

Getting liquor and wine during the coronavirus shutdown has been a point of frustration for Pennsylvanians either over the phone or online.

“We acknowledge that Pennsylvanians are frustrated with busy signals and want broader access to wine and spirits," Holden said. "So, after learning from our experiences this past week, we’ve made improvements to process orders faster, expand the hours we take orders by phone, and be more flexible in scheduling pickups, even the same day, if pickup appointments are available."

"We’re optimistic our capacity to fulfill orders through our website and curbside pickup will continue to increase, and we thank you for your continued patience and understanding," the PLCB said.

The PLCB has listed questions and answers on its website, including explanations of the messages shoppers see when the go to the website.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of store locations in Pennsylvania.

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